About Us

PK Designs is a small software company focused on web and mobile application development using modern technologies.

We use various technologies for front-end (e. g. jQuery, Angular) and back-end (PHP + MySql, NodeJS + MongoDB) development. We have also experience with frameworks and CMS systems like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla...

For mobile aplications we use PhoneGap which allows development of native mobile applications in JavaScript

Some examples of our work you can find in References.

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Web presentation

Product Price
Simple HTML website (static, max 3 subpages) 50€
Simple HTML website (max 10 subpages) 150€
- every other subpage 10€

Web application

Product Price
Web aplication in PHP from 300€
CMS administration from 100€

Other services

Product Price
Mobile friendly webpage + preparation for Android application 100€
Administrative work on website (max 3 hours/month) 10€
- every hour more than 3 hours 10€
Administration of website from other author than us 10€/hour
Registration of domain and webhosting 30€



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